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My Neighbor

In the wake of the January 25, 2011 "Egyptian Revolution," this exhibition featuring 48 premier Middle Eastern and Western artists, reinforced the need to work together towards a better future. 

A celebration of contemporary Coptic icons by the renowned Egyptian icon writer, Magdy Williams. 

Prayer and contemplation inspired this exhibition/installation that travelled from Cairo, Egypt to Washington D.C. and New York City. 48 premier artists of Christian, Muslim and Jewish backgrounds each painted a life-size fiberglass form in one of four poses of prayer.

The Key



40 premier and emerging Egyptian, Middle Eastern and Western contemporary visual artists used a fiberglass sculpture of an Ankh (The Key of Life) to address "the key" to the East and West living in a peaceful and harmonious world. This artistic endeavor with the Ankh at its heart is a powerful means to unite people of different religious and cultural backgrounds.

A year after the 2011 "Egyptian Revolution," this art exhibition was about looking to the future and building on new friendships across borders involving 45 premier Arab and Western visual artists.

Life-size fiberglass donkeys were painted or decorated by 45 noted artists from the Middle East and West. They were first exhibited throughout Cairo, Egypt, followed by in London at the world renowned St Paul's Cathedral. 




al kouwa fi yad al mar2a.jpg

A strategic exhibition featuring 31 premier Middle Eastern contemporary women artists focused on the crucial role that Middle Eastern women play in shaping a harmonious world. Beginning in Amman, Jordan and touring in the UK and North America, I AM visually celebrated the rich, diverse and pivotal contribution that Middle Eastern women make to the enduring global quest for harmony and peace. 

Jamal A Rahim, Gibran and Me

​A peacebuilding exhibition featuring 38 acclaimed and emerging contemporary artists from the Middle East inspired by the universal message of peace and harmony found in Kahlil Gibran's poetry, writing and art, such as in his best-selling book The Prophet.

The Bridge


A ground-breaking exhibition of original artwork by 47 premier Arab, Persian and Jewish artists of Christian, Muslim and Jewish faith backgrounds - 47 paintings on the theme of what we hold in common. The exhibition opened in Paris in February 2015, toured Europe, was showcased Cairo, Egypt and continued across the United States.

Malta Peace Donkey - CARAVAN

A peacebuilding art exhibition of 21 life-sized fiberglass “Maltese” donkeys painted by premier Maltese, Gozitan, Egyptian and Western artists symbolizing the need for peace and compassion between the Middle East and West, and throughout the Mediterranean Basin

Global Mosaic, Chritch

An international online exhibition of contemporary art celebrating the rich diversity of our world, illustrating how membership in our human family supersedes creed, culture, race and gender, and that through our harmonious coexistence, a dazzlingly beautiful “global mosaic” is created, bringing peace and hope to our world.

Global Citizen Smartphone Short Film Festival

An international online Smartphone Short Film Festival focused on what it means to be a “Global Citizen” in today's world of challenges, conflicts and complexities. As earth’s inhabitants, filmmakers around the world were invited to share their vision of what it means to be a responsible member of this “global family,” toward making our world more equal, compassionate, fair, peaceful and sustainable.



Harmony featured 46 premier Eastern and Western visual artists. It included an accompanying festival with literature, music and film events.

An international artistic reflection on mending the brokenness of our global family. This online exhibition featured the works of 30 artists selected by a jury.


A profoundly spiritual artistic reflection by the celebrated Egyptian artist Hady Boraey, that visually explores the fundamental nature of humanity.

Hady Boraey The Confusion
Passage - Dorian Haqmoun.jpg
Rodrigo Thome, Mother Ocean, 2017.jpg
1-Drifting Destinies[2497] (2).jpg
a (2) X.jpg

An inspiring exhibition of selected works by noted Egyptian artist Marwa Adel that traces and explores the constantly evolving realities of being an Arab Muslim woman. In a world of stereotypes and assumptions, it is essential to redress the balance, listening to each other, and gaining true insights into each other. 


An exhibition by sacred contemporary artist Daniel Bonnell inspired by Kahlil Gibran’s artwork.

The inaugural CARAVAN exhibition, featuring 18 Middle Eastern and Western artists focused on creating closer ties - encouraging East and West to "journey together through the arts."


An artistic exploration on living harmoniously, inspired by Abraham, the common ancestor of three globally acclaimed contemporary Middle Eastern artists from Muslim, Christian, and Jewish traditions. 

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