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The inaugural CARAVAN exhibition, held in Cairo, Egypt in January/February 2009, highlighted how the visual arts can serve as one of the most effective mediums of building bridges of friendship, respect and sharing between the creeds and cultures of the Middle East and the West. 


18 contemporary artists from both Egypt and the West focused on what the Middle East and West, and Muslims and Christians, hold in common, with an emphasis on "building bridges" between the two. The artists drew inspiration from ideas such as peace, harmony, compassion, goodwill, forgiveness, love, understanding, reaching across and exploring the relationship(s) between East and West.


The exhibition was received enthusiastically and laid the foundation from which CARAVAN grew into the strategic peacebuilding arts initative that it is today, that encourages the creeds and cultures of the Middle East and West to journey together through the arts.

Paul G. Chandler

An author, art curator, social entrepreneur, and peacemaker, Paul G. Chandler has lived and worked extensively throughout the Middle East and North Africa in leadership roles within faith-based publishing, relief and development agencies and with the Anglican Communion. He has curated exhibitions in places like St. Paul’s Cathedral-London, Egypt’s Museum of Modern Art, Washington D.C.’s National Cathedral, and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City.


The 18 highly respected and recognized Middle Eastern and Western artists were invited to participate in the inaugural Caravan exhibition, and each produced two works; one based on the theme of "East and West Journeying Together" and another of the venue itself, the historic St John's Church. 

Farid Fadel

Hany Rashed

Hisham El Zeiny

Isolde Kadry

Maher Ali

Mansour Ahmed

Mohamed Abla

Omar El Fayoumi

Randa Fakes LoGerfo

Reda Abdel Rahman



Anne du Boistesselin                         France

Connie Fiorelli                                 Australia

Dorian Haqmoun                        Switzerland

Julie Oxenforth                                         UK

Kimberly Odekirk                                   USA

Lucy Westwood                                       UK

Maria Maher                                          USA

Roland Prime                                           UK

by Matthew Davies, Episcopal Life Media

On A Caravan, 2009 CARAVAN exhibition
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