Transformation through the Arts

CARAVAN, an international arts NGO/non-profit that is recognized as a leader in using the arts to further our global quest for a more harmonious future, both with each other and with the earth. Our mission is based on the belief that the arts can be one of the most effective mediums to heal our world and to creatively foster peace, harmony, wholeness and health in all its forms.

Our beginning . . . CARAVAN originated out of artistic bridge-building initiatives in Cairo, Egypt in 2009 that focused on addressing the then growing chasm of discord and misunderstanding between the peoples, cultures and creeds of the Middle East and the West.  The nomadic “caravan” theme comes out of the founding vision to encourage and facilitate those from diverse backgrounds and worldviews to “journey together through the arts.”  While CARAVAN's mission is global in focus, we maintain an ongoing program emphasis on the Middle East due to our founding.

“Your neighbor is your other self dwelling behind a wall. 

In understanding, all walls shall fall down.” 

KAHLIL GIBRAN, early 20th century poet-artist

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