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“CARAVAN illustrates in an emblematic way the link between intercultural dialogue and creativity which is precisely at the heart of UNESCO's work. . . and reminds us of our founding values and our raison d’être: 'since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed'.. . I would like to commend CARAVAN for its initiative that made it possible for us to witness this dialogue. . .”

Regional Director at UNESCO Office for the Maghreb, based in Rabat, Morocco), and former UNESCO Director and Representative, South Asia, and Assistant Director-General for External Relations & Public Information, UNESCO
Eric Falt

“Since 9/11 there have been many bridge-building efforts  that have not impacted reality as these conflicts continue. We have to be creative so that dialogue reaches the people.  Art is the language of the heart, and it is through the heart that we draw close to each other.  Art also brings people together.  CARAVAN has effectively done this, helping to build harmony between faiths and cultures.”

Former Anglican Archbishop of Jerusalem & the Middle East, and former Bishop of Egypt & North Africa
The Most Rev. Dr.  Mouneer H. Anis

“CARAVAN’s work is most inspiring and it is a pleasure to be associated with what they are attempting to accomplish through the arts.  The work they are doing, in bringing together those from diverse cultures and backgrounds through the arts, is critically needed in our world with all its stereotypes and prejudices.”

“The remarkable and timely CARAVAN exhibitions transcend boundaries to foster important intercultural and interreligious dialogue.”

“I am delighted to be associated with CARAVAN. Through the arts, doors can be opened to a harmonious symphony in which cultures and religions can give of their best to one another and transcend the present situation in which so many people live parallel lives.”

Founder of ZandFineArts, and former
Deputy Chairman, Middle East and Gulf Region, SOTHEBY’S
Roxane Zand
Former Egyptian Ambassador to the United States and writer
The Honorable Mohamed Tawfik
Former Bishop of London
The Rt Rev & Rt Hon Richard Chartres
The Very Reverend Gary Hall
Dean Emeritus, Washington National Cathedral

“The CARAVAN exhibit is an exciting opportunity for Washington National Cathedral in so many ways. It allows us to continue exploring the Cathedral’s nave as a space for artistic exhibition and expression. It has brought us into a partnership with CARAVAN, helping us continue our great tradition of collaboration toward peace and harmony.”

The Honorable James W. Rawley

“CARAVAN…perfectly embodies the sentiment of the UN General Assembly resolution A/65/5, which aims to spread ‘the message of harmony and goodwill among the world's religious traditions. CARAVAN is about a journey away from sectarian tension.”

Former UN Coordinator for Humanitarian Aid and Development Activities in the occupied Palestinian territory (UNESCO), and former United Nations Resident Coordinator in Egypt

“As a champion of ‘the East-West Bridge’, and as someone from both the East and the West, I believe passionately CARAVAN's initiatives that show the East to the West, and the West to the East. CARAVAN highlights the common cultural heritage of the two, and helps us work towards a common goal.”

New York Times best-selling Anglo-Afghan author of "The Caliph’s House," and President, The Scheherazade Foundation
Tahir Shah

“We know much more about the West than the West knows about us. But art is sincere and can help us build bridges. I am convinced that humanity will prevail.  Art is the only thing that can solve what politics breaks.  This is what CARAVAN is all about.”

The late legendary Egyptian actor 
Omar Sharif

“This objective of CARAVAN echoes my life in film: bridging between different worlds. I believe the arts more than anything else can address issues of intolerance and sectarian violence, and emphasize the possibility of friendship and love between all peoples and tradtitions.”

Former Grand Mufti of Egypt

Sheikh Dr. Ali Gomaa

Both art and faith elevate the sense of humanity. Thus, in CARAVAN's initiatives, we aspire for art to be used as a tool to enhance our humanity.

The Hon Rabbi David N. Saperstein


“Let me say how much I welcome CARAVAN’s initiative. The power of CARAVAN’s creative and unique approach toward building harmony and peace through art . . . will stay with us."

U.S. Ambassador to Egypt (2008-2011)
The Honorable Margaret Scobey

“I am impressed with the richness, depth and variety of interpretation in the artists' work in CARAVAN. Our [former] President, Barack Obama, is very much in sync with the inspiration of CARAVAN. He has said, ‘Regardless of your faith and culture -- people still have common hopes and common desires.’ Such hopes and shared dreams are quite evident in the work of CARAVAN.”

Member of the Al Azhar-Anglican Communion Dialogue
Sheikh Mohammed Gemeah

"CARAVAN brings us together, as children of different traditions, because it satisfies our souls for their common need of beauty.”

Best-selling Egyptian novelist, author of Taxi and Noah's Ark

Khaled Al Khamissi

“I don’t believe we are really so different, with separate cultural identities. Instead I think history shows us that we are all intricately interwoven. CARAVAN's programs helps us toward reaching that understanding.”

celebrated Egyptian actress,  
UNDP Goodwill Ambassador

"CARAVAN is exactly what we need because the arts unite us as a language of love and peace.”

Best-selling Anglo-Egyptian author, whose novel 'The Map of Love' was shortlisted for the Booker Prize for Fiction.

Ahdaf Soueif

“The CARAVAN initiative is about everything I have been doing in my writing and life…bridging East and West.”  

"I am particularly delighted to be directly associated with this wonderful CARAVAN initiative. CARAVAN is furthering dialogue and the mutual knowledge about our cultural and religious traditions and convictions by uniting us through the arts, a language of love and peace.”

“CARAVAN is exactly what we need here in our country and throughout the world. God’s gift of creativity is meant to unite us, and remind us that we are all God’s children.”

Award-winning international Egyptian actor (Kingdom of Heaven, Fair Game, Citizen
Khaled El Nabawy
Archbishop of Canterbury
The Most Rev & Rt Hon Justin Welby

"Art can imitate reconciliation as it is a common language around the world. Some reject anyone they do not like and demonize anyone they cannot understand . . .Art subverts the lack of understanding.  It affects the conscious mind where barriers exist and allows for space for interpretation. This is what CARAVAN's exhibitions are all about.”



Former US Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom

“Often people think that the best way to overcome conflict and alienation is by ignoring that which distinguishes us from one another. But while that can sometimes be helpful, this diminishes the richness of our diversities. What is of far greater significance is the ability to appreciate and celebrate each other’s difference and uniqueness as distinctive parts of the whole, whether the whole is the family of Abraham or the human family at large. CARAVAN does this most effectively through art, one of the most powerful ways of highlighting the beauty of specific religions and cultures around shared themes and aspirations. In true Abrahamic fashion, it brings blessing to humankind.”

Rabbi Sir David Rosen KSG CBE
Rabbi David Rosen2[17346].jpeg

International Director of Interreligious Affairs, American Jewish Council

Former Chief Rabbi of Ireland

The Honorable Dominik Furgler

Former Ambassador of Switzerland to Czech Republic, Egypt, UK and Sri Lanka and the Maldives

Fr. Bishoy Helmy
Former Secretary General of the Egypt Council of Churches

“Art is an incredibly powerful tool which cultivates minds and hearts, opening up the imagination and nurturing the soul. This is why CARAVAN’s work is so very important at this time.”

Elisa Sednaoui 

model, social entrepreneur and founder of the Elisa Sednaoui Foundation and the Funtasia project

Elisa Sednaoui

"One of my favorite lines in the psalms is this: 'You have brought me out into an open place.' Hosting the CARAVAN exhibition felt just like this. Our horizons were widened, the doors for conversation were flung wider open, and we could breathe more deeply as we saw that our hopes for connections across difference were shared by many. The art invited conversation and story-sharing. I am so thankful for the whole experience."

The Very Rev Amy McCreath
Dean, The Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Boston, MA
The Very Rev Amy McCreath
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