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THE ETERNAL EYE exhibition held in Cairo, Egypt in October 2012 showcased over 50 original contemporary Coptic icons by the renowned Egyptian iconographer, Magdy William. Curated by Jessica Wright, the week-long exhibition fostered greater understanding of Egypt’s indigenous Christian community, the historic Coptic Orthodox Church and included a presentation by Magdy William on the making of icons and a lecture by Dr. Michael Jones of the American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE) on the artistic restoration of ancient Coptic monasteries throughout Egypt.



Jessica Wright

Jessica Wright majored in Art History and Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University where she focused her independent research on contemporary Middle Eastern art. She managed a gallery and cultural program in Washington, DC that showcased modern visual, literary and performing arts by Arab and Arab-American artists.


Born and raised in Jordan to American parents, she is a native Arabic speaker with a broad understanding of regional issues and extensive experience in promoting cross-cultural understanding.


Magdy William, a student under the late renowned Dr. Isaac Fanous, the founder of the school of modern Coptic icon writing (and the initiator of the modern renaissance in Coptic art), has been one of the world’s premier Coptic icon artists for several decades. In addition to his work beautifying countless churches throughout Egypt and around the world, he has held solo exhibitions in Europe and Australia. 


His studio is located along the Nile in Maadi at the Coptic Orthodox Church of St. George.


Special presentations during the week of the exhibition included a presentation on October 21 titled “The Making of Coptic Icons” by iconographer Magdy William.

On the evening of October 24 a lecture was held by Dr. Michael Jones of the American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE), titled “The Artistic Restoration of the 6th century Red Monastery: A Visual Presentation”.

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