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The 2012 CARAVAN Festival of the Arts in Cairo, Egypt during April/May 2012 with the theme of “The Road Ahead,” focused on building on the new spirit of interfaith solidarity that was so beautifully illustrated and witnessed by the world, during the “January 25 Egyptian revolution” in 2011.



Roland Prime

British artist Roland Prime served as the curator for the 2012 visual art exhibition of the CARAVAN Festival of the Arts.  He graduated from Canterbury Christ Church College with a B.A. in Fine Arts where he studied painting and drawing; through the exploration of art his work became gradually more three dimensional.


Once qualified in welding, this background led him to also creating large sculptures in steel made from the discarded pieces of metal from the steel industry, a recycled art form, gaining public and private commissions in the process. On his painting, he says, “I had always wanted to paint and explore the variety of expression that can achieved through painting.”


45 premier Middle Eastern and Western visual artists came together, each submitting one piece of work that reflected the theme, “The Road Ahead”.

Hakim Jamain

Hisham El Zeiny

Isolde Kadry

Khalil El Hakim

Maher Ali

Mansour Ahmed

Mohamed Abla

Mohamed Youssef

Mutaz Elemam

Naguib Mahmoud

Omar El Fayoumi

Rania El Hakim

Reda Abdel Rahman

Soha Sabbagh

Wilson Abrama Ntana

Ahmed Magdy

Ahmed Selim

Asmaa Takieddine

Bishop Mouneer H Anis

Carelle Homsy

Farid Fadel

Farres Ahmed Farres

Galila Nawar


Anne du Boistesselin                     France

Britt Boutros Ghali                         Norway

Brian Flynn                                            UK

Carolyn Seaton                                   USA

Cecilia Smith                                       USA

Cosima Lukashevich                          USA

Damon Kowarsky                         Australia

Dorian Haqmoun                     Switzerland

Eric Blome                                          USA

Francois Perez                                France

Julia Morgan-Leamon                         USA

Julie Klimentos                                        Greece

Julie Oxenforth                                               UK

Katrina Vrebalovich                                 Norway

Kimberly Odekirk                                          USA

Lucy Westwood                                              UK

Maaike Draper-Albers               The Netherlands

Marian Villadsen                                   Denmark

Renata Dyk                                               Poland

Renee van Lille-Demetroudes         South Africa

Roland Prime                                                  UK

Sonja Moser                                             Austria

The Road Ahead 2012 - CARAVAN


On April 26 2012, the celebrated Egyptian actress Yousra gave a talk on the importance of the arts in bridging between peoples.


Yousra is a household name throughout the Middle East and is an icon of Arab Cinema. However, in addition to her illustrious film career, she is also a voice and activist on behalf of the suffering and oppressed and human rights. This led to her serving as a UNDP Goodwill Ambassador for a number of years, for which she received many awards for her humanitarian efforts.


On May 2, 2012, best-selling novelist and writer Ahdaf Soueif (i.e. The Map of Love which was shortlisted for the Booker Prize for Fiction in 1999), and a political and cultural commentator, gave a reading of her most recent book, titled Cairo: My City, Our Revolution: her memoir of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. Her reading was followed by a book-signing.


Ms. Ahdaf Soueif lives with her children in Cairo and London. More information about her and her work can be found on her website: 


Popular Egyptian singer and songwriter, Rula Zaki, known for her passion for building peace among all peoples gave an opening performance of her famous song, Ahl El Ketaab, that has become very popular since the revolution. The song is all about what we have in common as Christians and Muslims.


For more information visit her website:

On May 5, the Ana Masry Band (meaning “I am Egyptian” in Arabic) closed the festival with a brilliant and packed concert. Ana Masry Band is a musical group whose popularity rose significantly following the "Egyptian revolution".


They are known for their fusion of Arabic, Muslim, Sufi and Christian music. 


See the Ana Masry Band’s facebook page:

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