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Ibrahim Khatab
Love, 2018
Acrylic and canvas on wood, 150 x 75cm 
£1,486 / $2,000
Ahmed Emad Eldin, Dreams and Lies, 2018

KAHLIL GIBRAN: A Guide for Our Times was a CARAVAN peacebuilding exhibition at Sotheby's in London featuring work by 38 acclaimed Middle Eastern contemporary artists inspired by the Lebanese born poet-artist Kahlil Gibran and the universal message of peace and harmony found in his poetry, writings and art, such as in his best-selling book The Prophet, which celebrates its 95th publishing anniversary this year. The exhibition visually highlighted how Kahlil Gibran, a supreme East-West figure, can be a guiding spirit for our times by reflecting the compelling universal spiritual contribution that Gibran has made and continues to make to the world. The exhibition illustrated how Gibran’s work unites all peoples, cultures and religions, leading the reader or viewer on a journey towards peace and harmony, reconnecting us with humanity. 

The exhibition was curated by Janet Rady and was in partnership with the Arab British Centre in the U.K. The exhibition at Sotheby's was made possible by the primary sponsor, BARCLAYS (Middle East / North Africa).  CARAVAN held two previous exhibitions inspired by Kahlil Gibran with acclaimed artists in Bahrain and Egypt in the spring of 2018. The two exhibitions, together with a selection of work from new artists, come together for this larger exhibition at Sotheby’s. As an exhibition with a charitable dimension, the proceeds of the artwork go to peacebuilding work in the Middle East through the arts.

-To learn more about the exhibitions, artists and venues, click here.

-To see the London exhibition catalog, click here.

Somaya Abdulghani
Untitled, 2018
£305 / $400 each piece
$1,600 the set
Ahmed Abdullah, Talking, 2018
Ahmed Abdullah, Joy and Sorrow, 2018
Ahmed Abdallah
Joy and Sorrow, 2018      Talking, 2018
Acrylic on paper, 56 x 50cm       Acrylic on paper, 56 x 50cm
$350                                 $350
Laudi Abilama 
Gibran, 2012
Pigment and acrylic on paper, 112 x76cm
Ed 1/14
Sarah Aradi, Young Gibran 2018
Sarah Aradi
Young Sage, 2018        Gibran's Muse, 2018
Charcoal and watercolor         Charcoal and watercolor
60 x 50cm                                60 x 50cm
$2,260                           SOLD
Dia Batal
On Being, for the Past Forty Years, 2018
Ink, gold leaf on cotton paper framed in Oak box
42 x 26 x 4 cm
Hady Boraey
The Immigrants, 2018
Oil on wood, 60 x 60cm
Hady Boraey, The Immigrants, 2018
Rana Chalabi, About Giving, 2018
Rana Chalabi
On Giving . . , 2018
Mixed media , 103 x 71cm
Wael Darwesh, The Prophet, 2018
Wael Darwesh
The Prophet, 2018
Mixed raw material on canvas, 76 x 112cm
$ 3,500
Ahmed Emad Eldin
Dreams and Lies, 2018
Digital art, 100 x 100cm
Taiba Faraj
Caravan, 2018
Mixed media on canvas, 100 x 100cm
Taiba Faraj, Caravan, 2018
Nevine Fathy
Gibran, 2018
Oil on canvas, 100 x 75cm 
Noora Fraidoon
Union of Opposites, 2018
Bronze, 40 x 27 x 27cm 
Noora Fraidoon, Union of Opposites, 2018
Mariam Haji, Reason and Passion 2, 2018
Christine Saleh Jamil
The Wanderer, 2018
Acrylic and oil on canvas, 46 x 35cm 
Christine Saleh Jamil, The Wanderer, 2018


A Guide for Our Times

Sotheby's, London

August 6-10, 2018

Ibrahim Khatab, Love, 2018
Jamal A.Rahim, Gibran and Me, 2018
Jamal A.Rahim
Gibran and Me, 2018
Ink on paper
42 x 30cm 
Farah Monfaradi, Do You See Me?, 2018
Farah Monfaradi
Do You See Me?, 2018
Acrylic and acrylic gel with Britannia Silver on canvas
120 x 100cm 
Omar Al Rashid
The Virtuous City, 2018
Oil on canvas
100 x 150cm 
Omar Al Rashed, The Virtuous City 2018
Jehan Saleh, Gibran, 2018
Jehan Saleh
Gibran, 2018
Collage, ink and acrylic on canvas
100 x 100cm 
Laudi Abilama, Gibran, 2012
Talar Aghbashian
In Situ, 2018
Acrylic on canvas,80 x 90cm
Nazir Tanbouli, Freedom in Orphalese, 2018
Nazir Tanbouli
Freedom in Orphalese, 2018
Acrylic on canvas
150 x 150cm 
Camille Zakharia, Mahrooseh, 2018
Camille Zakharia
Mahrooseh, 2018
Photomontage – Archival Inkjet print on Hahnemuhle Fine Artpaper
Ed 1/6
100 x 100cm 
Ibrahim Khatab
Love, 2018
Acrylic and canvas on wood
75 x 150cm 
Amina El Demirdash, Eden, 2018
Amina El Demirdash
Eden, 2018
Oil on linen, 96 x 68cm
Doaa Farouk
Freedom, 2018
Oil on wood, 68 x 71cm (each piece)
$350 each
Mariam Haji
Reason and Passion 1     Reason and Passion 2
2018                                 2018
Ink and resin on paper               Graphite and pigment on paper
37cm diameter                            37cm diameter
$1,865                              $1,865
Mariam Haji, Reason and Passion 1, 2018
Nathaly Jung
Celestial Path, 2018
Embroidery & textile on woodframe, 100 cm diameter
Ghada Khunji
AlMitra, 2018
Ed 1/7
Photomontage on Fine Art rag paper
112 x 92cm 
Ghada Khunji, AlMitra, 2018
Amal Nasr
Love, 2018
Acrylic on canvas, 140 x 120cm 
Amal Nasr, Love, 2018
Jamal A.Rahim, The Prophet 2018
Jamal A.Rahim
The Prophet, 2018
Acrylic and ink on handmade paper bound in a book
38 x 47cm 
Yasser Rostom, Give Your Hearts, 2018
Yasser Rostom
Give Your Hearts, 2018
Ink on paper
100 x 70cm 
Nathaly Jung, Celestial Path, 2018
Nagla Samir, Swift and Far, 2018
Nagla Samir
Swift and Far, 2018
Ed 1/3 plus 1 artist proof
Digitally manipulated photography
30 x 80cm 
Abbas Yousif, When Love Beckons to You, Follow Him, 2018
Abbas Yousif
When Love Beckons to You, Follow Him, 2018
Mixed media on paper
89x 119cm 

For any inquiries or information about purchasing the art, please contact:

Talar Aghbashian, In Situ, 2018
Dia Batal, On Being, for the Past Forty Years, 2018
Nevine Fathy, Gibran, 2018
Sameh Ismael, Freedom, 2018
Sameh Ismael
Freedom, 2018
Acrylic and mixed media on canvas
100 x100 cm 
Lulwa Al Khalifa, Blind Faith, 2018
Lulwa Al Khalifa
Blind Faith, 2018
Oil on canvas, 100 x 100cm 
Mai Al Moataz, Untitled, 2018
Mai Al Moataz
Untitled, 2018
Silver gelatin print warmtone fibre
112 x 92cm 
Zeinab Nour, Orphalese Tree
Zeinab Nour
Orphalese Tree, 2018
Acrylic on wood
100 x 70cm 
Reda Abdel Rahman, The Mystic 2018
Reda Abdel Rahman, More Than Equal, 2018
Reda Abdel Rahman
The Mystic, 2018
Charcoal, acrylic and
gold leaf on canvas
92 x 46cm 
More than Equal, 2018
Charcoal, acrylic and gold leaf on canvas
92 x 46cm 
Ibrahim El Tanbouli
The Prophet's Garden, 2018
Oil on canvas
80 x 100cm 
Doaa Farouk, Freedom 4, 2018
Doaa Farouk, Freedom 1, 2018
Doaa Farouk, Freedom 3, 2018
Doaa Farouk, Freedom 2, 2018

Freedom 1

Freedom 2           SOLD

Freedom 3         SOLD    

Freedom 4

Somaya Abdulghani, Untitled 3, 2018
Somaya Abdulghani, Untitled 1, 2018
Somaya Abdulghani, Untitled 2, 2018
Somaya Abdulghani, Untitled 4, 2018

Untitled 1

Untitled 2

Untitled 3

Untitled 4

Marwa Adel, The Forest, 2018
Marwa Adel
The Forest, 2018 
Ed 1/3
Photomontage, Inkjet print on satin Fine Art paper 90 x 90cm
Zena Assi
Legacy, 2018
Mixed media, paper collage, varnish, wood, nails and 3D resin model
85 x 30 x 30cm
Zena Assi, Legacy, 2018
Ahmed Saber, Livelihood, 2018
Ahmed Saber
Livelihood, 2018
Drawing with pencil and inks on paper
140 x 100cm 
Ibrahim El Tanbouli, The Prophet's Garden, 2018
Gibran London catalogue front cover.jpg

For any inquiries or information about purchasing the art, please contact:

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