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 A Guide for Our Times

           Bahrain - Egypt - U.K.

KAHLIL GIBRAN: A Guide for Our Times was a CARAVAN peacebuilding exhibition with editions in Bahrain and Egypt that culminated at Sotheby's in London, featuring work by 38 acclaimed Middle Eastern contemporary artists inspired by the Lebanese born poet-artist Kahlil Gibran and the universal message of peace and harmony found in his poetry, writings and art, such as in his best-selling book The Prophet, which celebrates its 95th publishing anniversary this year. The exhibition visually highlighted how Kahlil Gibran, a supreme East-West figure, can be an unparalleled guide for our times, related to peace, harmony and the building of bridges between the creeds and cultures of the Middle East and West. The exhibition reflected the compelling universal spiritual contribution that Kahlil Gibran has made and continues to make to the world, showing how Gibran’s voice is timeless, a guiding spirit for our times. Gibran’s work focuses on the themes that unite all peoples and religions, leading the reader or viewer on a journey towards peace and harmony, reconnecting us with humanity. 

Jamal A Rahim, Gibran and Me 2018


LONDON, U.K. - 6 -10 August 2018 

Sotheby's (34-35 New Bond Street, London W1A 2AA, U.K.) - in the Upper Entrance, West and Linell Galleries


CAIRO, EGYPT - 18 April - 9 May 2018:

Marakez (6 El Sheikh Al Marsafi St., Zamalek, Cairo)


BAHRAIN - 14 -18 March 2018:

ArtBAB (Bahrain's International Art Fair)


Ahmed Abdallah, Marwa Adel, George Bahgory, Hady Boraey, Rana Chalabi, Wael Darwesh, Ahmed Emad Eldin, Doaa Farouk, Sameh Ismael, Ibrahim Khatab, Amal Nasr, Zeinab Nour, Eman Osama, Yasser Rostom,                  Ahmed Saber, Nagla Samir, Ibrahim El Tanbouli, Nazir Tanbouli


Acclaimed Middle Eastern contemporary artists have been invited to contribute one original work inspired by Khalil (Kahlil) Gibran’s universal message of peace and harmony, found in his poetry, writings and art (as seen in his best-selling book The Prophet).


Somaya Abdulghani, Sarah Aradi, Meriel Cooper, Taiba Faraj, Noora Fraidoon, Mariam Haji, Nathaly Jung,                    Lulwa Al Khalifa, Giuse Maggi, Mai Al Moataz, Jamal A. Rahim, Omar Al Rashid, Stephanie Ravel, Jehan Saleh,  Hisham Sharif, Mohamed Sharkawy, Abbas Yousif, Camille Zakharia


In Search of a Prophet: Bahrain Exhibition Catalog

Somaya Abdulghani, Ahmed Abdallah, Laudi Abilama, Marwa Adel, Talar Aghbashian,Sarah Aradi, Zena Assi, Dia Batal, Hady Boraey, Rana Chalabi, Wael Darwesh​, Amina El Demirdash, Ahmed Emad Eldin​, Taiba Faraj, Doaa Farouk​, Nevine Fathy, Noora Fraidoon , Mariam Haji, Sameh Ismael, Christine Saleh Jamil, Nathaly Jung, Lulwa Al Khalifa, Ibrahim Khatab, Ghada Khunji, Mai Al Moataz, Farah Monfaradi, Amal Nasr​, Zeinab Nour, Jamal A. Rahim, Reda Abdel Rahman, Omar Al Rashid, Yasser Rostom​, Ahmed Saber, Jehan Saleh, Nagla Samir, Ibrahim El Tanbouli, Nazir Tanbouli, Abbas Yousif, Camille Zakharia  

Gibran London catalogue
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