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Line of Descent
16 October - 27 November, 2020

The world of the spiritual has always been reflected in Egyptian artist Hady Boraey’s imaginative work.  However, in Line of Descent, Hady takes us on an even deeper journey into his spiritual imagination, as he contemplates the challenges and hardships of life against the backdrop of ancient universal stories found in the spiritual traditions of the Abrahamic faiths.  

In this deeply personal artistic reflection, Hady assumes the role of a mystical observer. Witnessing the spiritual journey of life, he reflects on the momentous stories that have shaped humanity - beginning with Adam and Eve and the infamous tree, to their children, and the continuing journey of humanity that has evolved into our contemporary context.

In these paintings, Hady is an eyewitness, capturing in his imagination that which has gone before us, and an inquisitor, asking timeless spiritual questions for which we don’t necessarily have answers. As Hady asks these questions, reflecting on what has gone before, he translates his emotions onto the canvas. Line of Descent was curated by Paul-Gordon Chandler.

Hady Boraey Line of Descent Catalog cove
Hady Boraey

Hady Boraey was born in Behira, Egypt. He holds a PhD and MA in Fine Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts of University of Alexandria. As a lecturer in the Graphic Department at the University of Alexandria, he specializes in illustration, drawing, manual design, painting, traditional mixed media and installation. Boraey has participated in numerous exhibitions both in Egypt and internationally, such as in the United Arab Emirates, Poland and Canada.


He has won various awards and his work is held in private collections in Egypt, Italy, Canada, Poland, UK and UAE. Through a distinctive painting technique, metaphorically and symbolically, he takes the viewer on a poetic journey to discover the unknown and to open new horizons.  He has participated in several CARAVAN exhibitions, and won first place in our “To Heal the World” exhibition.

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