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The 2013 CARAVAN Exhibition of Art, titled “In Peace and with Compassion: The Way Forward,” took place first in Cairo, Egypt and then traveled to London, England. Following on the popular approach to public art that has featured painted animals, many thousands of Egyptians and Westerners in Cairo, Egypt in May 2013 viewed CARAVAN’s public art exhibition of painted/decorated life-size fiberglass donkeys (the donkey being a symbol of "peace and compassion" in both Islam and Christianity) involving 45 of both Egypt’s premier artists and noted Western artists.


After the exhibition in Cairo, the donkeys traveled to London, England to the world renowned St. Paul’s Cathedral and were viewed by over 120,000 people while being showcased in the nave in during August/September 2013.


The exhibition at St. Paul's Cathedral was followed by a charity auction at the Mosaic Rooms, London led by a Sotheby’s auctioneer to raise funds for charities in Egypt serving the poor regardless of creed. 


Paul G. Chandler
Dr Reda Abdel Rahman

An author, art curator, social entrepreneur, and peacemaker, Paul G. Chandler has lived and worked extensively throughout the Middle East and Africa in leadership roles within faith-based publishing, relief and development agencies and with the Anglican Communion. He has curated exhibitions in places like St. Paul’s Cathedral-London, Egypt’s Museum of Modern Art, Washington D.C.’s National Cathedral, and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City.

Dr Reda Abdel Rahman is an Egyptian artist who lives and works in New York. He has enjoyed a prolific international career in the arts.   He is also known for his vision of promoting artists and the Egyptian art scene. Dr Abdel Rahman's works have been widely exhibited around the world and are held in numerous collecitons. He has also received important residencies, such as at Mana Contemporary


45 premier Egyptian and Western visual artists were invited to participate in what was a truly unique public art-oriented exhibition for Cairo. Each participating artist was given two fiberglass donkeys (a life-size form and one that is 1/4 life-size) to paint as they wish according to the theme: “In Peace and with Compassion—The Way Forward”.

Gamal Ez

George Bahgory

Hakim Jamain

Hayam Abdel Baky

Hend Adnan

Hisham El Zeiny

Ibrahim El Dessouky

Karim Abd El Malak


Khaled Hafez 

Maged Mikhael

Marwa Adel
Moataz Nasreldin
Mohamed Abla
Mohamed Talaat
Omar El Fayoumi
Rania Fouad
Reda Abd El Rahman
Sabah Naim
Sameh Ismail
Shayma Aziz 

Adel Nassief

Adel Tharwat

Ahmed Kassim

Ahmed El Kut 

Alaa Awad

Ashraf Reda

Ayman El Semary 

Ayman Lofty 

Carelle Homsy

Emad Ibrahim

Farid Fadel


Anne-Francoise Giraud                  France

Barbara Elnimra Gerber         Switzerland

Britt Boutros Ghali                         Norway

Claire Marie Pearman                          UK

Cosima Lukashevich                         USA

Julie Oxenforth                                     UK

Katrina Vrebalovich                      Norway

Kimberly Odekirk                                         USA

Marian Villadsen                                   Denmark

MARS                                               Switzerland

Renata Dyk                                              Poland

Renee van Lille-Demetroudes         South Africa

Sonja Moser                                             Austria


May 9 - June 30, 2013

Church of St John the Baptist

              Cairo, Egypt

August 30 - October 1,  2013

St Paul's Cathedral

      London, England

In Peace and with Compassion
Additional program

In addition to the exhibition of "Peace & Compassion Donkeys," the following artistic events were held around the exhibition in Cairo.


Our special film guest was the noted Egyptian actor Amr Waked (who has starred in films such as LucyContagion, Syriana and Salmon Fishing in the Yemen), who gave a talk and a screening of his recent Egyptian film, Winter of Discontent.



May 11, 2013


The special literary guest was Dr Alaa El Aswany, the best selling novelist of The Yacoubian Building, who lectured and shared about his newly released book, The Automobile Club.






May 13, 2013



Renowned oud player Georges Kazazian performed a closing concert on the 16th May.  Georges Kazazian has published a dozen albums of his music which “capture a translucent way of playing the oud”. The concert was held under a symbolic artistic installation by English artist Claire Marie Pearman titled "99 Doves".

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