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Restoring our world through a Sacred Harmony with the earth and each other
Featuring 15 contemporary artists from Indigenous American tribes traditionally based in and around the Great Plains

“Let every step you take upon the earth be as a prayer”

- Black Elk, Oglala Lakota holy man

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GROUNDED is an artistic exploration that brings together 15 premier and emerging contemporary artists from Indigenous American tribes traditionally based in and around the Great Plains region of the USA, seeking to inspire our imaginations about our need to be "grounded" in our relationship with all of creation: the earth and its wildlife, each other and ourselves.


It is critical for the health and survival of our planet, that we acknowledge and honor our intricate connection to the earth as our sustainer, to the wisdom of our ancestors, and to humanity’s need of each other. Our world itself is calling for a realignment of a sacred harmony and an awareness of a new balance between ourselves and the earth, and with all of life upon it.

We have much to learn from the Indigenous cultures of our Native American sisters and brothers about being grounded in the interconnectedness of the sacred, the natural world, and one another. Native American traditional beliefs see everything on the earth as living in relationship. Seeing the interconnectedness of all things, they understand today’s environmental and humanitarian crises as affecting everyone and everything - geologically, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The artistic practice of the inspiring group of 15 Native American artists is a unique blend of their heritage and creative expression. Their work serves as a visual representation of the worldview, wisdom and learnings of their forebears which is urgently needed today as we reimagine the way we live in order to heal our world. Their spiritual wisdom is therefore essential toward developing a “sacred harmony” between all peoples and with the earth. This unique contemporary art exhibition seeks to enable them to share their culture, heritage and sacred traditions to help us restore our world and foster wholeness among all peoples.


The exhibition's Artistic Curator is the noted Northern Arapaho artist Robert Martinez, and the Organizing Curator is Paul G. Chandler.



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