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In addition to CARAVAN's artistic initiatives, we host The CARAVAN Arts Lecture and also facilitate artist residencies, exchanges and talks focused on the transformational role that art can play. 

CARAVAN Arts Lecture

From time to time, around one of CARAVAN artistic initiatives, CARAVAN hosts The CARAVAN Arts Lecture which entails an individual of artistic, literary, academic or faith distinction giving a central presentation on the transformational power of art. . . addressing the strategic role that the arts can play in shaping our world into one where harmony, peace, equality and compassion are valued above all.

Elif Shafak

Award-winning novelist, public intellectual and cultural commentator


East, West and Global Souls,  August 14, 2017


In 2017 CARAVAN hosted an evening at St. Martin-in-the-Fields in London with Elif Shafak, the award-winning novelist, most widely read female writer in Turkey and one of today’s most respected public intellectuals and cultural commentators.  Her presentation, titled "East, West and Global Souls," was combination of an address, conversation and a taking questions from the floor. In her talk, Elif Shafak focused on the way forward in the midst of today’s challenges, as being one of building critically bridges, not walls. An inspirational evening, Elif Shafak blended Western and Eastern traditions of storytelling and spirituality, bringing out the voices of women, minorities, subcultures, immigrants and global souls. 


To watch a video of the Elif Shafak’s presentation: East, West and Global Souls

Prof Nasser David Khalili 

World-renowned scholar, philanthropist, Islamic Art collector, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, and Founder and Chairman of both the Khalili Collections and the Maimonides Foundation


The Power of Art – and its Role in Unifying People, June 21, 2016


In 2016 CARAVAN hosted the CARAVAN Lecture at London’s St. James’s Piccadilly with Prof Nasser David Khalili, who spoke about how Islamic art illustrates the unique contribution that Islamic society has made to cultural heritage throughout the centuries. The lecture was moderated by Venetia Porter, Curator, Islamic and contemporary Middle East at The British Museum.


Key quotes from his lecture:


"Religion and politics have their own languages but the language of art is universal.”


"The real weapon of mass destruction is ignorance.”


To watch some of Prof Khalili's lecture: The Power of Art

Artist Residencies, Exchanges and Talks

CARAVAN is often a catalyst for facilitating artist exchanges between artists of diverse backgrounds.

CARAVAN hosts artist talks with artists focused on addressing stereotypes and challenging misconceptions.


CARAVAN facilitates art residencies with the purpose of furthering multi-cultural understanding. 



Yemeni-Bosnian artist Alia Ali

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