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An Exhibition of “Purposeful Photography”

by Rodrigo Thome

"I believe that my mission is to open a window that brings humanity closer to the oceans.
Over the past centuries, due to both an element of mystery and a lack of knowledge about the huge mass of water that forms our planet, humanity became distanced from the seas. This distance has made it difficult for us to love and protect not only the oceans, but also the living creatures within them.
My goal is to bring part of the ocean to people, and I use my photographs to do that."
Rodrigo Thome
Watch "The Ocean Voice" by Rodrigo Thome -1st Place in A NEW FUTURE Short Film Festival
View an Interview: Rodrigo Thome talks with Paul-Gordon Chandler, our Founding President
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Rodrigo Thome

Rodrigo Thome is a Brazilian director, screenwriter, producer and photographer who was the 1st Prize winner in CARAVAN’s 2020 Short Film Festival titled “A New Future” for his film "The Ocean Voice." A diving instructor since 1997, Thome has dedicated his life to the oceans.  After many years of teaching people how to dive, and photographing the seas and its inhabitants, he decided to expand his enchantment for the seas and started to focus on producing audiovisual content connected to the oceans.

Thome photographed the aerial images of the second season of the 2013 television show "Slackline,” filming the life of two highline slackliners on tour throughout Europe in their motor home. Also in 2013, he directed, photographed, and starred in a television special about the reopening of night diving in the remote Galápagos Island on the television show "Fantástico."  In 2014, he hosted and photographed 13 episodes of "Grutas e Cavernas," a Brazilian television show about the exploring caves, especially flooded caves.  He co-directed, photographed, and produced the 6 episodes of the television mini-series "Uma Aventura no Alasca," that reveals the remote sub-aquatic life of Alaska. 


Between 2014-2015, he co-directed and photographed 7 episodes of the mini-series "Águas Selvagens," diving with the most dangerous and challenging animals of the planet.  Between 2014 and 2016 he co-directed, produced, and filmed a 50-minute television special about the construction of The Marine Aquarium of Rio de Janeiro.  Also, between 2015 to 2016m he directed, photographed, and produced a 14-episode series titled "Ameaçados," that goes deep into the habitat of endangered marine animals and discusses their protection.  He has also directed a 50-minute television special about Trinidad and the first high-ranking female commander of Brazilian Marines on the island.


Instagram: @rodrigothome

Facebook: @rodrigo.thome.9

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