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We are hanging on to the edges of life,

neither falling nor soaring.


Stranded between life and death,

between existence and nothingness,

between today and yesterday,

between hopes and disappointments.


As humans connected in the global mosaic of existence,

vacillating from day to night, experiencing reality and illusion,

love and betrayal, we can come to feel truly stranded at times.


Sometimes we even feel stranded from ourselves and life feels fearful,

full of contradictions and the depth of challenges exhaust us.


Like a closet in which we hang our clothes,

we can chose to portray a new façade outwardly each day,

yet our inner selves remain unaltered.


How many times have we wished we could swap egos,

as fast as we could swap outfits?


And thus I found myself hanging and stranded,

inside this cabinet "life,"

containing innumerable faces and intents,

yet longing to be hanging contentedly,

perhaps even soaring with others in the journey of life.

4 Zainab Alsabba, Hanging & Stranded, 20

Zainab Alsabba

Hanging and Stranded!, 2019


200 x 200 cm

Zainab Alsabba, Hanging and Stranded
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