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The Tree- Yasser Rostom

The Tree

60 cm x 80 cm

Ink on paper

The base of this bridge is the very tree of life that all humans have come from. At the center of this tree of life are Adam and Eve. The branches coming out of the tree represent  those of all religions (whether known and declared like Islam, Christianity and Judaism, or unknown religions which are represented by the empty branch).


Whatever our religion, we are all seeking the light, the Divine Being or God. I have been inspired in this part by Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam”.


The love between Adam and Eve is not a love out of choice but a love out of need. They need each other to survive. They are both part of the same tree. In the painting they are each covering the other’s genitals. They are protecting each other. Like Adam and Eve, all humans need each other. With all our faults and differences, we need each other to survive.


The black background at the top of the painting represents my extreme sadness at the current situation of the world, and all the wars and atrocities committed in the name of religion. That was also the chief reason that I chose to do the painting in black and white.

Yasser Rostom

Yasser Rostom was born in Cairo, Egypt and graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University. He obtained his Masters degree in Ancient Egyptian Art.


Rostom is quickly gaining a reputation for being 'the Egyptian Dali'. A current master of surrealism, Rostom draws stunning imagery that is a blend of ancient and modern to compose something entirely surreal. An enthusiast of pen and ink, Rostom's impeccable technique magnifies the glory and mystique of his subjects and his solid contrasting backgrounds serve the often bizarre messages of the artist who makes his subjects appear as if out of nowhere; the themes of humanity,  myth, power and animals make his work powerful and unforgettable.


In his work, Rostom reflects on simple everyday situations as well as many of the general thoughts that preoccupy mankind. Each artwork is a dazzling historic mixture of icons, images, and symbols representing a critical view on the world we live in. Staying true to his roots and the Pharaonic art that is a part of his culture and upbringing, and combining it with surrealism, he has created art that has a universal appeal. 



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