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Sinan Hussein

Born in 1977, Sinan Hussein’s artistic legacy extends from the vision of his Mesopotamian ancestors and its vast civilization and splendorous history to the horrifying present. The silent discourse, the gaze of his figures and the unusual objects in his paintings are a living metaphor from the past. At the age of 14 Sinan practiced art by sketching portraits of his friends and family. His artist and musician father recognized his talent and encouraged him to continue his art journey, first with several years of self-study, observing the classic, modern and contemporary artists. Sinan then obtained his BFA at the University of Fine Arts in Baghdad. Soon after graduation, in 2004, he left Baghdad because of the war and the sectarian violence that almost ended his life three times. He found refuge in Kuwait and eventually in the United States. The nostalgia of Sinan's homeland and search for a new home have enriched and shaped his paintings. He has participated in many highly acclaimed solo and group exhibitions in the Middle East, Europe and the United States. His artwork is collected by Middle Eastern and Arab royalty, governments and private collectors around the world.  He is a member of the Iraqi Fine Arts Artist Society and The Union of Iraqi Artists.  Sinan is from a Muslim background.

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