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Dreams Give Hope

Collage and mixed media on canvas

100 x 100 cm

This painting reflects the burdens and frustrations often experienced by women in our society and, in spite of everything, their continual optimism for a better future.  

Beauty and fragility belie the inner strength and determination of women to confront new challenges. The roses reflect the beauty needed in our world while the wings represent the capacity of women to fly above conflict and tragedy, with a view to a more peaceful future. 

Dreams Give Hope, Shereen Audi
Shereen Audi

Shereen Audi was born in Amman , Jordan 1970 and graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts in Amman in 1992.  Since then she has completed several art and print making courses at Darat al Funun's summer academy and the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts' Print workshop with such established artists as Jordanian painter Khaled Khreis, Iraqi artists Nedim Kufi and Mahmoud Obaidi, and Boston University School of Visual Arts Director, Prof. Lynne Allen.

Audi's artworks are highly personal and, in her own words, depict her 'inner self'. However, they reveal a range of universal emotions and concerns that are inherent to the female identity. She has had several solo exhibitions and has participated in a number of group shows in Germany, Bahrain, Lebanon , Algeria , Egypt and Jordan.


Audi lives and works in Amman.

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