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Shai Azoulay2.jpg

Shai Azoulay studied at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, where he received both his BFA and MFA. In his paintings, Shai creates a narrative abundant with figures and scenes that radiate human warmth, compassion and slight irony. His work ranges between drawing and painting, between the sophisticated and the naïve, and between the omnipotent to the limited. As such, the work addresses the two conflicting worlds found in the mind of the contemporary painter – the classic, iconic, romantic and spiritual world, on one side, and the modern, moonstruck and saturated world on the other. Azoulay has held numerous solo exhibitions and has exhibited in the Tel Aviv Museum, Frieze Art Far, and around the world, from Tokyo to Rome, Paris and New York. He is the recipient of the "Morasha" Award from the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and The Moses Prize from the Jerusalem Artist House. His works are in renowned collections around the world. Shai is from the Jewish faith tradition.

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