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Prophet- Bridge, Ronen Siman Tov

Prophet - Bridge

60 cm x 80 cm

Oil on plywood

For several weeks I made many drawings in which I tried to determine what a bridge is. In all my drawings an endless view and a figure lying on its side appeared. 


According to Jewish sources, it is the physical position that the prophets would be in when they would receive a prophecy. The prophets would retire to a single place and lie on their side for a few days in order to prepare themselves and their bodies to contain the strength of the prophecy.


At a different stage, the prophets would enter an ecstatic state; experiencing fainting, hallucinations and powerful images. Lying on the side and turning the body over like a bridge to walk upon as a connection  between the heavens and the earth or as a bridge between people and God, struck me as fascinating and reminded me of the workings of an artist in their studio.


The desire of the artist to bring announcements and repair to the world and humanity by the action of art, is similar to the nature of a prophet. The prophet announces to mankind the future in regard to how people pay attention to one another, either as a prophecy of disaster or a prophecy of consolation that there will be peace in the land and in the world.



Ronen Siman Tov

Ronen Siman Tov studied in Delft in the Netherlands, earning a Master's degree in  Architecture and Town Planning and then participated in the M.F.A program at the Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem.


He has exhibited in the Biennale for young Artists in Rome, Italy and in group and solo exhibitions throughout Europe and U.S.A. His works can be found in private and institutional collections in Europe and North America.



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