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Therese Basha Jarjoura: Pandemic-Inspired Art

©Therese Basha Jarjoura, The Bench, 2020, Acrylic on canvas, 172 x 127cm

During the shutdown period due to the pandemic, when we are not even able to visit a park, I painted this work likening the experience to a park bench calling out to us.

The Bench says: “Come. I'll make room for you.” “Thank you, but I don't have time!” The man answers. “Why? Life is so busy, and I am worried about lots of things.” “I am here for you. I will help, just unload your burdens, cast them to the side and sit! “Let’s look at your life, but you have to promise me to reflect with no judgment,” The Bench says. “You will grieve for your lost days, but remember the beautiful moments. You will start to accept your past and look forward to your future,” The Bench added. And the man sits.


Therese Basha Jarjoura is a Palestinian American artist and author of children books. Originally from Nazareth, she lived in Italy for several years and now resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Therese holds an Associate’s degree in architecture, is a life-coach, and is working on a Fine Art degree. To her, art involves a never-ending journey of learning and discovery. In 2017, she attended a month-long art residency in Florence Italy, and has participated in numerous exhibitions. She is a member of several art organizations including AAWA, as well as being a founding member of the group iMamas Artists.

Therese believes in giving back to her community and has donated several pieces for auction to benefit varied charities and organizations. In addition, she is a US Goodwill Ambassador for the Nazareth Hospital. As for her art, she depicts real-life in an impressionistic style using multiple media and techniques.

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