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Tasneem Elmeshad: Pandemic-Inspired Art

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

©Tasneem Elmeshad, Duality, 2020, Acrylic on canvas, each 30x40cm

While some professions have been in the limelight during the current crisis, such as doctors, teachers, grocery workers, etc., one of the most important and ancient professions in existence has been deeply affected, motherhood. Being a mother means having to be the rock, backbone, educator, provider, and strong pillar, despite her own personal trials and tribulations. Not only is this respected, but one could even say it is heroic.

This series portrays the different emotions many women feel going through this Coronavirus period. The longer we are required to stay at home, the greater the stress, anxiety and silent sadness, as well as the increasing pressure in keeping the “fort” together. The concept of duality, love and fear, pain and relief, darkness and light, is what I am seeking to communicate. It is through the challenges and the power of gratitude that we learn, and through that darkness that we find and appreciate the light.


Tasneem ElMeshad is an Egyptian contemporary visual artist. Her paintings are a reflection of the chaotic world surrounding us. Her work is a depiction of the dilemma of modern life which revolves around juggling responsibility while trying to connect with the inner beauty of the universe. Her work is influenced by different cultures, the vibrancy of the Indian culture, the UAE where she was brought up, and the warm culture of her homeland Egypt. She has participated in numerous national and international exhibition and has won several awards for her paintings and mural work. Her work can be found in the private art collections of both corporations and individuals in the Middle East, Europe and North America.



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