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Somaya Abdulghani: Creativity in a Time of Crisis

As much as the corona pandemic has damaged the world, I believe it has improved it in some ways. For the first time in a long time everyone is facing the same problem, sharing the same worries, and trying to find a solution as one. It has united the whole world, made us aware of what really matters, and helped us rearrange our priorities.

We are now able to slow down and reflect on our lives, and ourselves. It helped us appreciate things that we have taken for granted for too long. I hope when this is all over, the humanity that has been brought forth will remain.

Personally, it has given me the opportunity to reflect on my career, thinking deeply about my next step, and what I want to achieve as an artist.


Somaya Abdulghani is a Bahraini artist who specializes in conceptual art and uses several different techniques like collage, photography and mixed media. She strives to introduce Islam’s theological and philosophical beauty to her audience, by developing delicate, rhythmic and organic patterns in her art; attempting to mirror nature’s simplicity. The enlightening nature of the religion acts as a strong propellant in her art and practice. She believes in shared values present across various religions, such as morality and purity, and is interested in developing concepts related to her research.

Her work has been exhibited widely around the world, in countries including Bahrain, UAE, Jordan, Tunisia, Turkey, India, London, Italy and Holland. Her work is among the collections of the Bahrain National Museum and the Maraya Art Center in the UAE.



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