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Shereen Audi: Creativity in a Time of Crisis

© Shereen Audi, 2020

Jordanian artist Shereen Audi reflects on the pandemic and its impact on our world and on her art at this time…

As an artist living these difficult times of pandemic, I feel I'm obliged to help spread positivity through my artworks and through posts that I share on social media. The whole world is facing a difficult time and there is a lot of fear, anxiety and uncertainty. This new reality we are experiencing taught me to be more patient and to try to adapt. It also made me want to help others adapt to this new situation and to try to be positive about it. I feel artists play a key role in response to any major crisis, such as this pandemic, by expressing themselves to spread positivity and using their creative gifts to help bring awareness of safety precautions.

© Shereen Audi, 2020

Of course, this pandemic has affected the whole world politically, emotionally, and economically, and in numerous ways artists and the art world has been affected. However, the whole world will need to adapt and to help heal this crisis. It will take time and a lot of effort, knowing that it is highly emotional, when overcoming the loss of loved ones and having to be distanced away from each other. All of us need to support each other and try to help one another in all possible ways during this enforced social-distancing and shelter-at-home period. We thank God that we can still be connected to the world and to one other through technology. Through social media we can virtually spread art, love, positivity and comfort. While our world might take a long time to heal from this crisis, I'm confident that eventually we will all come together and support each other. For now, stay home, stay safe and pray for our world!

© Shereen Audi, 2020


Shereen Audi was born in Amman, Jordan and graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts in Jordan in 1992. She has studied with noted artists such as Dr. Khaled Khreis, Mahmoud Obaidi, Nedim Kufi and Prof Lynne Allen. She currently lives in Montreal, Canada. After focusing on painting in her early years, Shereen began working with mixed media, as well as with art books, collage, video and digital art. Through her art she advocates equality for women so that they can achieve their full creative potential. Hence, the themes of women’s identity frequently appear in her work. She has held numerous solo exhibitions and participated in group shows in the Middle East, Europe and North America.


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