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Mohd Intiyaz: Pandemic-Inspired Art

©Mohd Intiyaz, Way of Seeing, 2020, Acrylic on sack, 49x70cm

Since the lockdown has come into effect in India, the government has begun to distribute food in the area near my school. I have been visiting nearly every day to help with their distribution efforts and to observe this process. Those who come to receive the food begin to line up in the morning, but have to stand in line all day in the sun because of the length of the queue for food. For me, it is very easy to get food at my home; a completely different experience from those who are without food. Most of the time, there is even a shortage of this food, so many return home empty-handed.


Mohd Intiyaz was born in 1995 in Jharkhand, India. He studied visual arts at the University of Jamia Millia Islamia, where he obtained a Master's degree in painting with distinction, obtaining an MFA Grant. The thematic line of his work is mainly autobiographical, based on childhood memories marked by migration experiences and on marginal social realities that he has identified in his everyday environment. His art, using the mediums of drawing, painting, installation and mixed media, is a visual language resulting from his reflection on social problems. He has held numerous exhibitions and shown his work in various Biennales throughout India, and has participated in international art residencies. He is currently a freelance artist and Art teacher in New Delhi.

Instagram: @Ansari_intiyaz__


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