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Mariann Villadsen: Pandemic-Inspired Art

©Mariann Villadsen, Complexity in Simplicity, 2020, Oil on canvas, 140x110cm

“To return to simple living comes control of desires. In control of desires, stillness is attained. In stillness, the world is restored.” - Lao Tzu

Yesterday was not like today and today will not be like tomorrow. It has always been like this. Our lives will always change, something we have all experienced during this pandemic. The only way we can get through the crisis in the world is to simplify our lives. Simplification does not necessarily give contentment in life. Contentment arises not from a singular good or bad decision but rather a series of good decisions over a protracted period of time. By making simplicity in complexity we´re able to interact and contribute to the world and people around us, and I believe that a person who is driven by joy instead of desires of mere happiness makes it their life's mandate to bring joy to others.


Mariann Villadsen was born and raised in Denmark, and since then has lived in Laos, Austria and Egypt. She currently resides in Turin, in Northern Italy. She has always looked to these contrasting and vibrant cultures for inspiration for her art and continues to do so. Another highly influential factor has been her work as a Montessori teacher while living in Cairo, Egypt. Working and interacting with children was in fact what initially inspired Mariann to begin her career in expressionist painting. She likes to see her art as a visual form of music.


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