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Mali Armand: Pandemic-Inspired Art

© Mali Armand, Covid-19 Hello World!, 2020, Digital art, 33 x 48 cm

This artwork is about healing our world and helping to repair it. It is an awareness of our global state with the Coronavirus and how the world is reacting to it under lock-down. Everyone is anxious to get out of their homes and resume their lives, while it is not safe. The digital artwork is a composition of multiple layers of stock images, compiled from my imagination with various techniques. It’s mainly inspired and driven from what we are all facing because of this pandemic. I wanted to share the importance of social distancing and also pay a tribute to the health workers in the front-line. A small statement with the collage is: “Hello World! PLEASE Slow down. Calm down. Don't worry. Trust the Process. It's a little too early to get ahead of ourselves!”


Mali Armand is a visual artist working with many different mediums including painting, graphic design, mixed media and Raison art. She received her graphic design education in Southern California and worked in the digital art space for several years before she decided to pursue her dream and passion as a full-time artist. She is also involved with a non-profit called “Give the Needy Foundation," that she formed in 2008, which has made a tremendous and positive impact in her life. Painting is a way to support her cause further. A substantial portion of the proceeds from the sales of her paintings are donated to support the charity, which supports the underprivileged. She also donates a lot of her paintings to charity auctions. This is her way of helping and making a difference.


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