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Isabella Arrigo: Pandemic-Inspired Art

©Isabella Arrigo, Do Not Give In, Ode to Life, 2020, Acrylic pouring, palette knife, laser cut silhouette, 50 x 40cm

In the upper part of the canvas the figure camouflaged with the background represents a doctor who, through his strength, tries to keep alive all the souls that would otherwise be sucked into the vortex of oblivion. His own soul is detaching itself from his body, clinging to it with all its strength.

Underneath the city is in lock-down. There are new fears, worries and even anger. There is no way out and uncertainty prevails. However, a few boxes are still golden and shiny. We can choose to let the darkness flood our nest, our mind, our spirit or we can cling to life and not give in to fear and become aware of our connection with ourselves, with each other and with the environment.


Isabella Arrigo: Painting was a dream she had never realized until she moved abroad in 2009. In her new life, surrounded by a new language culture, and feeling lost, she decided to study painting, and it transformed her life. She has since embarked on a whole new creative journey, where painting has become like a meditative experience, as if it is her best friend. She acquaints her experience a child opening up a treasure chest.


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