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Hybridity - Patrick Altes


80 cm x 60 cm

Collage and mixed media on canvas

Whether or not you are a believer, the cultural, social, and political importance of religions is indisputable.


They are intertwined in the history of civilization and often the prime source of their evolution. They can act as great dividers or powerful pacifiers. This painting represents the living space of freedom and dynamic harmony religions can create when they bring the best in humanity.

Patrick Altes

Patrick was born in Algeria shortly before it became independent and, as a child, was part of the exodus toward France though he has no conscious memories of these few years spent in Algeria. He has lived for long periods of time in different countries, and is currently based in England. He also has Spanish heritage.


These elements make the question of his identity quite complex as it does for many other people who don’t really “fit” in the country they call home. 


Patrick’s work has been exhibited at leading International Art Fairs and Festivals around the world, including the 3rd Mediterranean Contemporary Art Biennale in Algeria. He has had various solo exhibitions, the most recent, ‘A Story of Revolutions’ at the Contemporary Art Space in Chester, UK. He has exhibited throughout the UK, as well as in France, Finland, and the USA. 


As an artist, Patrick hopes to contribute toward a more open, tolerant and accepting world and to a process of bridge-building between people and open a much needed space for reconciliation and cooperation between cultures and civilizations.


He is represented by Janet Rady Fine Art - London, Dubai and Art Bridge - London,UK. 



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