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I Am. . . History

Digital photo montage

Edition 1/3

80 x 60 cm

My work highlights the eternity tree, as a symbol of knowledge and self-awareness.


The tree embraces in core my ancient Egyptian heritage, the torso of Nefertiti, Queen of the religious revolution, and the “BA” –the soul- resting peacefully at her feet. The roots extend to Coptic heritage, represented by the fish, symbol of Christian faith and the promise of fertility in rural Egyptian folklore. The branches twist and turn along history to extend beyond the gate with Arabic inscriptions, the Islamic frontal for current Egypt, that again endorses the roots.


All elements complement creating a serene scene, echoing the unique and eternal rejuvenation of Middle Eastern rich and diverse beliefs.

I Am History, Nagla Samir
Nagla Samir

Nagla Samir is a contemporary Egyptian media artist based in Cairo.


Her work falls within diverse disciplines; including photography, digital image, video and installation, and challenges social norms versus spiritual aspects. Nagla also explores many themes: the human body, the vessel of soul, and the effect of time and mystery of reincarnation. Her work may seem personal, spiritual and remote, from direct themes  related to nationalism, yet she is driven by the essence of her community; one that is obsessed by corporal culture, with a long heritage of mystical beliefs. Her work is her contribution to cultural evolution, defying and transgressing censorship and social taboos.

She has held various solo exhibitions and participated in group national and international exhibitions. Her work has been awarded prizes, such as the Award for Video Installation at the 24th Alexandria Biennale for Mediterranean Countries.


She holds a Ph.D. in visual  communication and works as a part time Assistant Professor  of Art and Design at The American University in Cairo.


Her curatorial projects include IMAFY (the 1st International Forum for Media Art for Youth in Egypt), and "A Survival Guide".  She founded Passage 35 Center for Contemporary Art  and worked as Director of the Sharjah Art Gallery  at the American University in Cairo.

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