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Communication - Mutaz Elemam


60 cm x 80 cm

Acrylic on canvas

In my painting the bridge is more of a moral and invisible one. It  is one homogeneous continuous human mass forming a  coherent and unified entity.


This human mass embodies the meanings of communication and through being united as one, we can bridge all social, cultural and religious difference.

Mutaz Elemam

Mutaz Mohamed Elemam is a Sudanese painter working in Cairo. He was born in Kasala City in the eastern region of The Republic of Sudan. He studied in the College of Fine Art, at the Sudan University of Science and Technology in  Khartoum. Mutaz is a member of the General Union of Sudanese Plastic Artists and Cairo Atelier.


He has exhibited and participated in numerous exhibitions and workshops in Sudan and Egypt. In Egypt he has held various solo exhibitions at Cairo Atelier, Kunst Art Gallery, Al Mashrabia Art Gallery, and Tache Art Gallery. He has also participated in many international collective exhibitions in Italy,Germany, France, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon and China.


His works are part of private collections of many individuals and institutions around the world.


Mutaz was the editor of the Africa page of “Not apartheid Art”, Cam Casoria Art Museum Magazine, Naples-Italy.



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