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The Belief- Mohamed Monaiseer

The Belief

60 cm x 80 cm

Acrylic and ink on canvas

Under the guise of the philosophy of destruction and rebuilding, the enlightened intellectuals have extended the realm of their control and authoritarianism. They have intentionally complicated our system of beliefs and  throughout history have created chasms between countries, religions, societies and customs. Using clever words, codes and the promise of a Golden Age (as  depicted with the golden line in the painting), they have caused members of the same society to become enemies. 


Humanity was created as one. However, from the earliest of times, conspiracy theories that have been used as a means of control and have created the constant clash of civilizations, religions and societies.

Mohamed Monaiseer

Mohamed Monaiseer is an Egyptian artist who lives and works in Cairo. He received his BA in Educational Art from Cairo University.


He has held various solo exhibitions in Cairo at the Gezira Art Center and at Safar Khan Gallery. He received the first prize in the Youth Salon in Egypt.    


He has also taken part in many group exhibitions in Cairo.



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