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Fiberglass and steel

100 x 100 cm

In her latest body of work Marwa is inspired by the seas of her native Bahrain and their famed natural pearls. She chose to use fiberglass and steel to create a minimalist presentation.

While researching, Marwa discovered that natural pearls form when an irritant such as a parasite or other foreign object works its way into an oyster. As a defence mechanism, a fluid is produced to coat the foreign object. Layer upon layer of this coating called "nacre" is deposited until a lustrous pearl is formed.

Having portrayed a woman's strength and fragility in a previous body of work composed of wood, Marwa started to see the parallels in the process of how a pearl is formed is very much in line with how women face challenges in their own lives.

I am blessed to be surrounded by generations of pioneering women who added value to society, each one unique and shining in her own light just like a pearl does. Each had her own set of obstacles to overcome and yet with every challenge they confronted only added strength and lustre to their personalities. This string of brilliant pearls from mothers to daughter inspired me to become the woman I am.

Jiwan, Marwa Al Khalifa
Jiwan, Marwa Al Khalifa
Marwa Al Khalifa

Marwa Rashid Al Khalifa is a Bahraini artist who has a passion for mixed media art and photography. In order to explore and push new artistic boundaries, Marwa incorporates the use of different materials in her pieces, her work broaching a "spiritual aura" that invites the viewer to meditate and embark on a personal journey. 


Marwa has exhibited locally and internationally. She received the Bronze Palm Award in the Fine Art Category at the 3rd Visual Arts Forum for GCC Artists held in Doha, 2015.

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