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Digital photo montage

Edition 2/3

100 x 75 cm

Every woman's life is full of stories which manifest love, peace, wisdom, truth, giving and sacrificing.

Stories about the true journey of life.


A journey can take you to a place that is not on any map... the journey of the soul to reach Eden.

Eden, Marwa Adel
Marwa Adel

Born in Cairo, Egypt, Marwa holds a BA and an MFA from the Advertising Department in the Faculty of Applied Arts from Helwan University. She received the Golden Prize at the 9th European-Arab Festival of Photography in Germany, and the best Arab Photographer Award at the Emirates Photography Competition in Abu Dhabi, UAE.


Marwa has participated in many international exhibitions both in Egypt and internationally such as in Dubai, Sweden, Senegal, Mali, England, Sharjah and The Netherlands.


For Marwa, her artwork is an attempt at showing the evolution and the infinite conflict between some fundamental forms of existence that live in a state of permanent contradiction and antagonism. It is the discovery and revelation of the relationship between form and essence, spirit and materiality, image and ideas. It is the metamorphosis of primitive to supreme, passing through humanity.



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