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Memories of Dwellings

Mixed media and acrylic on canvas

100 x 100 cm

All my art work invites the audience to experience peace, love and to enjoy the beauty of life. In "Memories of Dwellings," these traditional, old homes signify warmth and belonging surrounded by the calm of the sea. These homes represent also their inhabitants, such as the many women and their important roles towards their families.


I see that women from all over the world are the cohesive core of the family unit, and in a spiritual sense, they are the home of their families and children.  


Memories of Dwellings, Mariam Ali Fakhro
Mariam Ali Fakhro

Mariam Fakhro, has been actively painting, exhibiting and contributing to Bahrain’s vibrant and flourishing art scene since 1984. Currently working mainly on canvas and in acrylic, she has a history of experience with oil on canvas as well. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Beirut Arab University in Lebanon and has been a member of the Bahrain Arts Society since 1985.

Early in her career as an artist, Mariam also ran Laffan Gallery for a few years curating shows for some of Bahrain’s highest profile artists as well as some regional and international artists. She also coordinated the curation of over 25
art exhibits during her role at the Ministry of Information at the Bahrain National Museum and Arts Center between 1991 and 2000.

Mariam Fakhro regularly exhibits both in Bahrain (ART Bahrain 2015) and internationally. Her most recent participations include Aseela Festival, Bahrain Arts Across Borders (BAAB) in London and GCC artist workshop in Kuwait.

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