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From the Outside 2

Oil on canvas

90 x 90 cm

From The Outside 2 is part of my "From The Outside" series that explores boundaries and perception. There are preconceived ideas that the world has regarding Middle Eastern women that paints them all in one colour. The women of the Middle East are just as diverse, nuanced and layered as women everywhere else. The painting depicts this concept of perception through the white lines and the woman behind them. There is the view from the outside, being the one where she is seen from behind the lines, and then there is her view where she sees the world through the white lines as well. Both her perception and the perception of the world outside, is seen through a barrier of white lines that impacts clarity. 


Perceptions and preconceived ideas about each other can be clarified if we remove the boundaries that separate us. Middle Eastern woman are an integral part of the world community. They are woven into the fabric of humanity that we are all a part of. We have more that unites us than that which divides us. We just have to remove the boundaries of understanding to gain clarity. 

From the Outside 2, Lulwa Al Khalifa
Lulwa Al Khalifa

I am a self-taught painter. I have never had a formal education in art, but I have always had a deep passion for it. My work is contemporary and mostly abstract. I paint alla prima and my paintings are always oil on canvas. I love the texture and vibrant colors of oil paint. I'm constantly inspired by life around me. I try not to overthink my process and I paint what I feel when I'm facing the canvas. I am not intimidated by a blank canvas, in fact it fills me with possibilities.

Her exhibitions include: 
World Art Dubai 2015, 
Art Hamptons, NY, Vogelsang Gallery 2015,
Affordable Art Fair New York 2015,
Art Wynwood, Miami 2015,
Ahlan Gallery Exhibition, The Warwick Dubai 2015,
Art Bahrain 2015,
Art BAAB 2016 London,
Be Bahrain, Bahrain Art Week-London 2016,
43 Annual Fine Arts Exhibition, The Bahrain National Museum 2017,
Food is Culture-The Bahrain National Museum,
ArtBab 2017

Her work has been featured in various publications, such as:

Thirty Three Artists, Thirty Three Islands, A Kingdom of Art by Renaud Siegmann, Behind the Painting by Abdullah Alkhan. 

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