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Humanities - Hossam Sakr


80 cm x 60 cm

Mixed Media on canvas

We are all bridges, which enables us to understand each other and be deeply connected to our historical background, which contains civilization, humanities and religions. Strongly influenced by events and societies, we are in touch with our beliefs as a tool to communicate as a human being in one universe.


My painting carries my own expression to get into the viewer’s mind, speaking to the senses to deliver this message: "Forget that we are enemies and consider that our thoughts can create a human bridge to cross to each other".

Hossam Sakr

Hossam Sakr is a Professor at the Art Education College, Helwan University in Egypt, where he studied and received his PhD. He was  also an instructor at the American University in Cairo and at the Education College of the University of Bahrain. He is a member of the International Fulbright Committee as well as numerous art education syndicates. He writes art critiques in the Middle East Times and other distinguished Arab newspapers.


Sakr comes from a disciplined art school  background yet in his creative process, rules have no place. An intense mental reflection underlines all his work, expressed by sophisticated techniques and a sublime sense of colors. A recurring theme enduring through the body of his work is human feelings, and humanity by portraits, figures, animal imagery – alone or in unity with each other.



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