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Three On A Bridge - Hisham Abdallah

Three On A Bridge

60 cm x 80 cm

Acrylic on wood

It is a bridge that unites all peoples and religions. We are all walking on that bridge to reach the same goal.


Our path is one and the same.

Hisham Abdallah

Born in Qalubeyya, Egypt, Hisham Abdallah received a BA in Education and a Diploma in Art Education. Both a sculptor and a painter, Abdallah has participated in various local and international exhibitions.


He has received several prominent awards and prizes for his ceramics and sculptures. His work is found among collectors in Egypt and Saudi Arabia as well as in Egyptian National Collections in the Museum of Modern Art, the Open Museum of Aswan, the New Ceramic Museum of 15th May Art Center and the General Authority of Cultural Palaces.


His works focus on contemporizing elements of Egyptian life. In other words, he is re-envisioning the Egyptian environment in a manner appropriate to the development of modernist art imaging in the world with a focus on the psychological dimension and taking into consideration the human element. He sees humanity as the direct active element in cosmic life.



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