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One World  - Hayam Abdel Baky

One World

80 cm x 60 cm

Acrylic on canvas

We all dream of the bridge that spans all humans and does not differentiate between one religion and another. I always ask myself if there were no wars, destruction and conflicts, would we live in peace?


I wonder at man’s wish to control the capabilities of another, thus excelling in the industry of destructive weapons and spending millions and billions to manufacture these weapons. Is this fear and insecurity? They definitely do not seek to spread justice, equality, love and peace.


I wonder at the people in power. Why don’t they think of the poor and vulnerable? Why don’t they spend their money on building and reconstruction instead of destroying and controlling?  This is the stupidity and greed of power.


In this work I wanted to portray people as one cohesive unit dreaming of peace, safety and refusing destruction, wars and bloodshed .We all live under the same sky, our feelings are one. In essence we are one being, despite the wishes of those in power. We all pay the price of their desires and greed.


My work is a message of love, peace and a limitless unification of our humanity.



Hayam Abdel Baky

Hayam Abdel Baky was born in Kafr El Sheikh, Egypt. She has been an active participant in the Egyptian Fine Arts Movement as a painter, teacher and a member of various art associations. She obtained a Masters  in the field of Oil Painting from Ain Shams University and a PhD degree in Philosophy of Art Education at Cairo University.


In Egypt she has held many solo and group exhibitions. She has won prizes both in Egypt and abroad, like the International Award of the Triennale for Graphics in  Macedonia in 2006.


Her work is collected widely both locally and internationally.


She currently lives and works in Cairo.



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