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Adam and Eve - Guirguis Lotfi

Adam and Eve

60 cm x 80 cm

Oil on canvas

In my picture I have started from where all humanity has all started – Adam and Eve. We, with our different races, religions, cultures and beliefs are all descendants from the same mother and father.


We are all the same; there are no gaps between us and no true need for bridges.

Dr. Guirguis Lotfi was born in Alexandria, Egypt.  Guirguis studied art extensively at both the Alexandria University and the Helwan University in Cairo. His studies culminated in a PhD in Philosophy of Art with a thesis entitled, “Coptic Art and its Effect on Modern Art”.


The influence of his studies and his upbringing in a Coptic Egyptian family is vividly present throughout his work. Guirguis’ special talent lies in being able to take ordinary everyday scenes and imbue them with life, drama and at times grandeur.The apparent “naivety” of his art reflects a sincerity and humble pride in and at the same time a deep reverence for the diversity of the Egyptian cultural identity.


His unique style and technique of using egg tempura and gold leaf, which are reminiscent of religious iconography, lend his work a depth and patina that captures the spirit and authenticity of his subject matte. Guirguis had held many exhibitions in Egypt and internationally, where his work is eagerly sought by collectors and patrons of the arts.



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