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Although our journeys are not the same, there are common threads that connect us.  Although each of us has his or her unique path, with differences in beliefs, religions, traditions, values, and cultures worldwide, we all travel in the carriage of humanity.  My artwork's message is: treasure the unity, spirituality, immortality and peace between nations. I made 120 different people from clay and lined up them on a piece of wood, their shadows are connected and seen as one unit.

“We have created you in different nations and tribes to know each other “ (Qur’an)

2 Taiba Faraj, Caravan, 2018, Clay, wool a

Taiba Faraj

Caravan, 2018

Sculpture with clay and wood

40 x 180 cm

Taiba Faraj, Caravan
Taiba Faraj, Caravan
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