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A Universal Bridge - Gamal Ez

A Universal Bridge

80 cm x 60 cm

Acrylic on handmade paper

The painting tells about the pain all people feel. This pain is universal; it is recognized by everyone. 


This pain bridges all peoples.

Gamal Ez

Gamal Ez was born in Alexandria, Egypt.  He was educated at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of El Minya. In 1990 he immigrated to the Netherlands where he studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague. While in Egypt, Ez learned traditional techniques and concepts. In The Hague he became familiar with a more contemporary idiom. He went on to make two-dimensional and three-dimensional works, which are not considered “modern” in an academic sense, but show his search for a wholly personal vocabulary that he would later expand.


Ez has become known for his often “site specific” three-dimensional installations that sometimes take up very large spaces and often consist of heterogeneous materials such as wood, windows, shoes, toys, baby buggies, chairs- which are combined in a new way, articulating a new dramatic meaning. Often the building where his installations are held become part of the installation itself.


Ez’s work has been shown internationally. He was part of a group exhibition in GEM (The Hague) where he came to know American sculptor-activist, Jimmie Durham, whom he sees as a type of mentor. He has held major exhibitions,in Rotterdam,The Netherlands, Cairo, Egypt Frankfurt, Germany, Poona,India, Liverpool, UK, and Paris, France. Works by Gamal Ez have found their way to various international collections.



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