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Reemy                           Photograph

Edition 1/3

50 x 34.7 cm

Faten Gaddes  shows us her vision of femininity and its conflicts. The accomplishments and wounds that women expose or hide are displayed; transcending, violating and rejecting social norms. Middle Eastern culture carries and elevates the woman, but also often restricts her to a "cliché" identity. This "cliché" identity drives them to question and discover themselves even further by endlessly asking: "WHO AM I?" and "WHAT AM I?"  Many women today are fighting for their equality in a society where they are not heard.  And they are continually finding creative ways to express and prove their strength to the rest of the world.


Faten Gaddes's women want to express their asserted femininity while at the same time often needing to wrestle against laws, social constructs and religious constraints. They are on a journey toward becoming 'the emancipated woman', able to say, "I AM, I AM, I AM". 


Faten Gaddes's work reveals the beauty of transgression of boundaries and of the desire to change the notion of gender and identity. She depicts women that encompass the transcendence of gender as well as what it means to be true to ourselves in a society that tends to restrict us to certain identity types.


Maureen Gozlan

Reemy, Faten Gaddes

Estefanoo                 Photograph

Edition 1/3

50 x 34.7 cm

Cayenne             Photograph

Edition 1/3

50 x 34.7 cm

Faten Gaddes

Faten Gaddes is French/Tunisian photographer born in Tunisia in 1974. She currently lives and works between Tunis, Paris and New York.  She graduated in Interior Design while indulging in her passion for photography and sharpening her skills through training classes.  She is a member of the Visual Art Association in Tunisia (VA).


Faten regularly exhibits her photos at the Ammar Farhat Gallery in Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia.  Her work is part of the permanent collections of the Tunisian government, the French Agency for Development, the Pierre Berger Foundation, the Michelin Guide, and various collectors in Tunisia and abroad.  She has also participated in various international exhibitions such as:

  • Villa Borghese « la fabrica » Lucciano Benetton Collection (Rome, Italy, March 2014)

  • Jadite Gallery (New York, NY, March 2015)

  • United Nations (New York, NY, April 2015)

  • PHOTOQUAI - Musee du Quai Branly  (Paris, France, September 2015)

  • MUCEM  - Museum of Modern Art  (Marseille, France, November 2015)

  • Bardo Museum - Solo Exhibition (Tunis ,Tunisia, October 2015)

  • Artist residency, Institute of Islamic Cultures (Paris, France, February / Mars  2016)

  • Pratt Institute « la fabrica » Lucciano Benetton Collection (Brooklyn  New York, May 2016)



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