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This work was inspired by the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and is a WALL of art, a wall of prayer, a wall of hope. The words are taken from The Holy Quran from Surat Al-Inshirah, and translated are: “after suffering there shall be relief.” God promises us this and repeats it twice in this Surat (prayer). I have repeated it "endlessly." The artwork is created on a loose canvas parchment to represent the scroll prayers of Hinduism and Buddhism; and is entitled "Solace," a word of comfort used in the Bible. As a multi-aspect, multi-faith work, it serves to unite us all, no matter what creed, culture, race, religion, or nationality, under one common human umbrella, that of SUFFERING. We have all suffered at some point in our lives. Yet "Solace" remains a positive work of art inspiring hope and faith.

Farah Monfaradi, Solace, 2018

Farah Monfaradi

Solace, 2018

Acrylic gel and sand on canvas parchment  

310 x 150 cm

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