Faiths Unveiled is a celebration through contemporary art of the diverse faith traditions in Qatar that meet in the Religious Complex in Doha, the capital city. The exhibition will creatively highlight the myriad of Christian traditions in Qatar – representing the mosaic of Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Evangelical and Pentecostal Churches from all over the world.  Artists from the diversity of these religious traditions in Qatar will artistically share their distinct cultural expressions of faith in their artwork. The exhibition will highlight Qatar’s role of interreligious hospitality and religious tolerance through the transcendent medium of art.

Artwork will be submitted through an Open Call to artists from the diverse faith traditions in the Religious Complex for two or three-dimensional artwork representing the theme of the exhibition which is: the artwork must highlight or portray the artist's specific cultural expression of faith (i.e. Christian Church tradition)   


A panel of judges will select 30 artworks for exhibition, with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Prizes awarded, plus an Honorable Mention.  The exhibition will be showcased first in the lobby gallery of the Anglican Centre within Doha’s Religious Complex from May 14 - June 15, 2020 and likely at another venue later in 2020.  Faiths Unveiled is coordinated by the Anglican Church in Qatar and curated by CARAVAN, an international peacebuilding arts NGO that uses the arts to build bridges of understanding and friendship between the creeds and cultures of the Middle East and West. 

Faiths Unveiled
An Artistic Celebration of Qatar's Religious Diversity




Please review these key points before submitting your artwork entry and downloading the Guidelines and Submission Form below.

The exhibition is open to all international visual artists in Qatar whose faith tradition meets in what is known as the Religious Complex in Doha.

The artwork submitted must reflect the theme of the exhibition - which is a work that must highlight or portray the artist's specific cultural expression of faith (i.e. Christian Church tradition) and must be an original work with the artist owning the copyright to the work.

• There is no limitation to artistic style, genre or medium.

• There is no entry fee.

• Participants are allowed submit only one (1) artwork image.

Submission deadline - A hi-res digital image (300 dpi) of the artwork, together with a completed artwork submission form (see below) needs to be submitted by Sunday 19 April 2020.

• 30 artworks will be selected out of all the submissions by the panel of judges for exhibition.

• All decisions are final and no correspondence shall be entered into regarding selection.

• 1st, 2nd, 3rd Prizes will be awarded, plus an Honorable Mention. The prizes are as follows: 1st Prize US$750, 2nd Prize US$500, 3rd Prize US$350. The Honorable Mention artwork will not receive a cash award, but will be highlighted publicly when the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prize Winners are announced.

• In addition to the exhibition, digital images of the 30 selected works will be displayed on the CARAVAN website along with the artist name, title of work, date, medium, dimensions and artist statement about the work. The Anglican Church of Qatar’s website will have a page about the exhibition that will also link to the exhibition page on the CARAVAN website.

• Selected artworks will be for sale at the exhibition, with 100% going to the artist.



Please download and read the Submission Guidelines carefully before completing, signing and submitting the Application Form with digital images of your work by 19 April 2020 to:

Questions: For queries or more information, email:



Available to download as a pdf or Word Doc