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Flowers of the World

Oil on canvas

60 x 80 cm

I chose the title " Flowers of the World " for my painting, because I truly believe that women, and surely Egyptian women, have always been, since the beginning of time, a force of power that enlightens everything and everyone around it. They were goddesses, queens, artists, scientists and even great warriors who defended their beliefs, family, land and country. They always spread beauty, kindness and love everywhere. And just like the Nile flowing and flowering everything in its path, women will keep on flowering the world with all they have to offer.

Flowers of the World, Carelle Homsy
Carelle Homsy

Born in Cairo, Carelle Homsy graduated from the Faculty of Arts Education at Helwan University in 1991. She is a member of the Plastic Art Syndicate and of the Atelier Group. Her first solo exhibition was in 1992 and she has since exhibited in Egypt and throughout Europe. She has also participated in many group exhibitions and her work can be found all over the world. In Egypt, the Cultural Development Fund, the General Organization for the Palace of Culture and the Museum of Modern Art hold her art.


Carelle Homsy's artwork is characterized by aspects of Expressionism and Fauvism, which she resorts to when expressing her inner feelings, by reforming figures and intensifying colors. Hence the painting becomes an illustration of personal and intellectual experiences. It is also a mixture of elements and strong colors and line vibrations, which gives an impression of continuous movement.


Carelle says that painting is the only way to express her thoughts, dreams and inner feelings.



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