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Suspended" is Arabella’s ongoing response to the forced displacement of people across the world today. Whilst highlighting the plight of refugees, it is also a celebration of our shared humanity and the human connection that it seeks to elicit. In viewing the installation, which is comprised of clothes that have been discarded by refugees (salvaged from the beaches and camps of Lesvos and Calais), the viewer is invited to create a connection with those who wore the clothes, and reflect upon the threads that bind the mosaic of life together. 


“The installation is lit by a central orb that changes in density. As it brightens it represents the light of hope by which a refugee travels, whilst asking us to consider the light within ourselves that will validate that hope. As it darkens, it serves to remind us of the darkness in which we leave our fellow human beings, should we ignore their plight.

*Read Arabella Dorman’s article in the “War, Literature & Arts Folio” – see: Hope that Haunts

Arabella Dorman, Suspended, 2017

Arabella Dorman

Suspended, 2017

Discarded refugee clothing

800 x 800 x 800cm

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