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"Reflection" is a portrait of two personas gazing at each other with a background that suggests a sea, or body of water. It is a depiction of how or what we see in ourselves and in others, amidst the global mosaic of humanity. The reflections are coming out of the darkness, rising out of the blue. Perhaps they have crossed the water to meet. Or they may cross it to separate. But at this moment of stillness, they exist and reflect on one another. Between the roughness and dryness of charcoal and the softness and fluidity of water, "Reflection" explores the complexes of the modern human psyche, with a subtle invitation to deeply see each other.

3 Shayma Aziz Reflection 100x70cm charco

Shayma Aziz

Reflection, 2019

Charcoal and water colour on paper

70 x 100 cm

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