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To Heal The World

An international online artistic reflection on mending the brokenness of our global family

Satyabrata Sahoo, Reclaiming Human Spaces, 2020
Satyabrata Sahoo
Reclaiming Human Spaces, 2020
Watercolour and teawash on paper

This work reflects upon the recent Covid-19 pandemic where people reside at home in fear and chaos, which paradoxically paved the way for nature to heal. Animals can now walk freely.  Animals which are almost extinct haven't had the fear of human intervention. Humans have changed the face of the earth by polluting the environment to such an extent that a large number of species of animals are now extinct. The pandemic reminds us that our lives are more about co-habitation and not just about survival of the fittest.  If we support nature to heal, we also heal ourselves.

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