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Randa Fakes LoGerfo: Creativity in a Time of Crisis

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

© Randa Fakes LoGerfo, 2020

During the pandemic period I have learned to accept time for what it is, and not to see it as a challenge, but part of reality, wherever we are. As with most people, life’s pace has slowed, and I’ve had the chance to connect with myself. I've felt responsible for my family, especially as the world is shutting down. I wanted to show my children that there is still love and hope, and we have the power to choose and protect. I am very lucky to be in Carthage, Tunisia with my family. Being at the foot of the Mediterranean and seeing the ocean every morning has inspired me to look beyond my traditional limits, and walking the beautifully peaceful beaches and alleys has refocused me on my paintings. If there is no artist, there is no story to tell. One day when I look back on this time period. I want it to be an accomplishment rather than disappointment.


Randa Fakes LoGerfo was born and raised in Amman, Jordan. She is a classically trained pianist and educator, graduating from the Hogeschool voor de kunst in Arnhem,The Netherlands. Randa’s travel and life, coupled with her love for music and dance, can be seen as influences throughout her artwork. Her paintings trace the path of her life and interests. Although her permanent home base is in Arlington, Virginia, she now resides in Carthage, Tunisia. She has exhibited around the world, as well as has artwork commissions throughout her moves and travel.


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