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Khaled Abdelghaffar: Pandemic-Inspired Art

© Khaled Abdelghaffar, Dream of Love in Time of Coronavirus, 2020, Pastel on paper, 30 x 40 cm

The world will heal with just a muzzle; we will survive with muzzles, it's simple as that. Don't be afraid when all you need is a muzzle. Maybe we can’t engage with people we love as we used to, but this will soon end and we will engage even better than before because the coronavirus made us realize how precious it is to be with the people we love. Until then, we still can engage with our feelings and caring. Maybe we need muzzles on our mouths, but emotions will never need muzzles; with love we will heal and with love life will be colorful again.


Khaled Abdelghaffar graduated from the Alexandria University’s Faculty of Fine Arts in 1978, where he studied in the Department of Architecture and Interior Furniture. Immediately after graduation, he worked in the Loyalty and Hope Association under the auspices of UNESCO and Mrs. Jihan Al-Sadat, focused on Egypt's environmental art. He has exhibited his work in Egypt and Europe, and has led various workshops for carpentry, painting and crafts of his own designs. Additionally, he has been an artistic consultant for both governmental and private institutions, and has used his artistic gifts to help those with special needs, encouraging them to develop Egypt’s traditional art, such as pottery, fabric, glass, carpets, abayas, ornaments and recycling.


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